LIGHTHOUSE – The Construction Industry Charity Club

We’re proud to support Lighthouse, the construction industry charity, founded in 1956, that provides a range of relevant and meaningful support to construction workers and their families, including a 24/7 free and confidential construction helpline and app, and construction focused training programmes. 

Individual support, development and wellbeing is important to us at Westbury FM, and we pride ourselves on the positive, healthy working environment we actively promote and enjoy. 

Lighthouse’s mission to help the construction industry do more to help and support workers and their families, is one we align ourselves with and support wholeheartedly as a means of increasing happy outcomes for those who work in this rewarding, often challenging, industry.


We’re proud to support the Teens Unite charity. Teens unite support those in their teens and early 20’s who are fighting cancer.

They provide those aged 13-24 with the social, emotional, and physical support that is vital to their recovery. They can come together with others their age who understand what they’re going through, and remember who they are as a person, not just a cancer patient.