What our clients have to say about us

“I turned the lights on just before 6am and Danny was knocking on the door to get in. They ran through the plan of works and I went back to bed. When I came back down they had done all they said they would do in that time frame and were busy on the next part.

Danny and Mick worked all day, barely stopping for lunch but they did drink lots of tea which not only was I was happy to offer I was also more than happy to make.

They eventually left the at 8pm. They were both polite, considerate and respectful of both myself and the pub.

Considering the type of work being carried out, they made very little mess and when they had finished you would never have known they’d been doing anything. They are a true credit to your department and to Westbury as a whole. I will be emailing the GK Surveyor and head office to tell her how fantastic you [Westbury] are.

Please let the boy’s know they are bloody brilliant!”

The landlady of the Queens Head