Summer priorities for facilities managers before peak season

It’s official, summer is here. Bringing potentially longer, busier days for many businesses, including those in retail and hospitality, and challenges for facilities managers. 

But there are plenty of ways to prepare for the change in season and climate. Adjusting priorities and making time to review, particularly before the warm months end, is useful. As is putting a focus on the business-critical issues for the summer. 

Here are our tips for preparing and prioritising when it comes to premises, grounds, buildings and utilities before the summer gets into full swing.

Check outdoor public and green spaces

Particularly if you’re in hospitality or retail, or if you have offices with visitors coming and going or gardens for employees, now is the time to prioritise your outdoor areas for signs of winter wear and neglect. 

Cutting grassed areas and verges, clearing weeds and waste, pruning and checking that signage looks the best it can are all good uses of resource. Schedule regular attention to these areas at this time of year when employees and customers alike spend more time, and have a focus on, outside. All these areas are business-facing and there are substantial reputational and wellbeing benefits associated with pleasant green spaces, and even just those carpark and other drive-through areas.   

Inspect heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) 

Daily temperatures are about to reach their peak so it’s a good idea to check HVAC systems are working at optimum efficiency. It sounds obvious, but during busy times it’s easy to overlook and assume everything is working as it should. 

The last thing you want is a failure of vital refrigeration facilities or ineffective AC in stuffy offices over the summer months. If, on inspection, maintenance is required, this can be carried out in good time and ensures you’re fully prepared.   

Address pest control issues

Certain pests are more active and prevalent in the warmer months. If there is winter damage to the property, it might not be as a pest-proof as it was and need attention to remain safely sealed to any unwanted intruders. 

Remember, pests are a hazard to health and safety – be prepared for any summer influx of pests, particularly if you’ve suffered from these issues in the past.

Outdoor repairs, décor and maintenance

As summer comes into view there are a few aspects of business premises maintenance that are good to have on the radar. One is recognising that this warmer period follows a long, hard winter and extremely wet spring – depending on where you’re located.   

Winter takes its toll on door and window frames, garden furniture, roofs, guttering and fascias. Take an objective look and inspect that no additional maintenance is required. Does the paintwork look tired? Could the garden chairs and tables benefit from a fresh coat of paint? 

Take the time to ‘spruce up’ and repair the outward façade of your premises so it looks the most inviting it can during peak season. As well as the unseen areas of roofs and gutters that may have suffered pooling water or blockages.

Review and plan ahead

Prevention is always better than cure and although there will usually be occasional discreet works required for unplanned issues, where planned, preventative measures can be put in place for regular FM tasks it’s advisable to do so. 

While summer tasks remain a priority during summer, it’s also the most ideal time to look ahead to the colder seasons. The autumn and winter programme of maintenance are ideally put in place and allocated resource beforehand, so it means this falls into summer’s remit too. 

Are you prepared for the summer’s facilities management?

Our tips aren’t exhaustive. Depending on your business, there may be other areas that could benefit from a summer check. If you need help to stay ahead with vital FM services, a programme of planned, preventative maintenance will help. 

We’re happy to advise you on facilities management and the best programme of planned, preventative maintenance, as well as discreet services. Please get in touch.

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